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2nd Grade Supply List

Print Supply List

IMPORTANT: ALL STUDENTS WILL NEED Headphones (no earbuds or bluetooth)

1-pack Fine Expo© Dry Erase Markers (Black only)

2 packs of Ticonderoga© Pencils

1 bottle of Elmer's© Glue

1 pack of washable markers

2 packs of crayons

2 boxes of tissues

4 plastic solid color pocket folders with prongs(1-red, 1-blue, 1-green, 1-yellow)

2 marbled Mead© Composition books

1 pack of 3"X 3" Post-It© Notes (any color)

1 pack Ziplock© gallon, bags (no slider)



2 packs of Clorox© wipes

1 pair of headphones (not earbuds) for Chromebook use

STEM Supplies Please consider sending in one of these items for our STEM/STREAM Activities:

Wish List

• Masking Tape                    • Straws

• Small Craft Sticks             • Plastic Cups

• Jumbo Craft Sticks           • Index Cards

• Pipe Cleaners                    • Coffee Filters

• Coffee Stirrers                  • Cheap Paper Plates

• White Card Stock

• Colored Copy Paper

• Large Pink Erasers (not pencil top)

• Reusable cold packs for injuries (Boo Boo Buddy Cold Packs)

• Mr. Clean© Magic Erasers

• Ziplock© (no zipper) quart, sandwich and snack size

• Extra Pair of Headphones