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1st Grade Supply List

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ALL STUDENTS WILL NEED Headphones (no earbuds or bluetooth)

**They will need to last all year. You can choose how much you spend on them. **

1 pair Fiskars© scissors

2 pkgs. Ticonderoga© pencils

2 pkgs. Pink Pearl Erasers (large eraser)

4 pkgs. Crayola© crayons

1 pkg. Crayola© markers (classic colors)

1 pkg. Crayola© colored pencils

3 pkgs. THIN Black Expo© markers

6 three-pronged pocket folders (PLASTIC for durability)

8 Elmer's© glue sticks

2 boxes of tissue

2 Large containers of Clorox© wipes

1 box gallon Ziploc© baggies

1 box quart Ziploc© baggies

1 bottle of Purell hand-sanitizer

 1 Pair of Headphones for Chromebook Use


Wish List:

Colored Copy Paper

Card Stock- White or Colored

1 box sandwich Ziploc baggies

White Index cards (loose; not spiral bound)


Extra set of headphones