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Kindgergarten Weekly News (Updated 11, 2018)(Note: this is the final newsletter for the 2017-18 School year. Teachers will not be posting on this newsletter page until start of next school year)


Important Notice Regarding AES Yearbooks

Parents, if you were unable to purchase a yearbook, you can still get one! The cost is still $25. The only extra cost that you will have is shipping to your home. Parents who order a yearbook now will still be able to have the extra two FREE custom pages. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Whitecotton ( You can get all the information on ordering on our website:


May 14 - Field Day

Field day is 1:00pm and predicted to be 90 degrees that day. Please make sure your student is wearing shorts, t-shirts, and tennis shoes. Your student will be provided with a drink and a snack at no charge from the PTO. If you would like your child to have sunscreen please apply it before sending them to school. They may also bring a hat and sunglasses that they will be responsible for keeping up with.

May 16 - Park Day

You will need to dress your child in comfortable and cool clothes for this day. We will spend the whole day at the park. Make sure your child wears tennis shoes because we will be walking to and from the park. Please put sunscreen on your student before you drop them off. They may also wear a hat to help prevent excessive sun exposure. Your student may bring sidewalk chalk, bubbles, footballs, frisbee, etc…….Whatever your child brings will need to be able to fit in their backpack and be carried by your student. Your student will need to be responsible for keeping up with their own toys. All items that your student brings to school needs to be labeled with their first and last name. We will be providing hotdogs, chips, juice boxes, and a cookie for lunch. If for whatever reason your student is unable or unwilling to eat this lunch, please send them with a disposable sack lunch.

May 18 - K Celebration

Pod 4 Chapman, Miller, and Geren 8:00 in AES Theatre

Pod 3 Hall & Lawrence 9:00 in AES Theatre

Pod 3 Hitson & Williams 10:00 in AES Theatre

Last full day of Kindergarten is May 17th!


Please arrive early for your child's K Celebration time. This is a time of year when multiple family members will be here for each child and you will want to make sure that you find a seat. When the celebration is over you will need to take your child home with you. The STARS program is not available that day.

This is our last newsletter for the year. We have had a great time teaching your children this year. They have been a blessing and true joy.


  Have a great summer!!


  AES Kindergarten Teachers


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