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2nd Graders Create Their Own Google Doodle
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Thursday, December 07, 2017
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In honor of Computer Science Week and Hour of Code, Google has developed a website that allows students to create their own Google Doodle. It incorporates all of the coding language, critical thinking skills, troubleshooting,and problems solving. Critical development traits that kids need to learn early in life.
Mr. Whitecotton assigned this to his 2nd grade Tornado Time students in their Google Classroom. Check it if you feel like a  challenge, see if you can create your own Google Doodle! This might be a good activity for your when they want to get on the computer but you don't want them playing games. To try it out, click on the links below.
Check out the Google Doodles two of our 2nd graders made:
2nd Grader Wesley Turman    
2nd Grader Joyce Toto
here is the link. Check it out!  
Click here if you want to see a complete list of Google Doodles:
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